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Q. Where are our factories?

A. China Wanzai Fireworks Scientific And Experimental Factory is a manufacturer of fireworks and firecrackers located in Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, China. Our fireworks products have been sold  in Spain, France, USA, UK, Mid-Europe, Turkey, Mid-east, Arabia, Australia and many other area of the world. Before 1998, because our factory had no right to export, our products were only supplied to those I/E Companies. Now we have the right to deal with the export business, so we want to have more foreign customers straight supplied in order to effectively reduce the products cost and enhance the competitive edge.

Q. What are your most competitive products?

A. 1.  Firecracker series which include match crackers, celebration cracker, super charged bomb, wood peckers, thunder bomb and any other firecracker, we are competitive.
2. Display shells series of 2¡ª12 inch. Meanwhile, we make more than 2200 kinds of effects, available for different size. we are competitive sizes.
3. Rocket series, include bottle rocket to display rocket, and spherical rockets, we are competitive.
4. Roman candles, comprise magic shot, color flower to 8 shots 2.5 inches display roman candles, we are competitive.
5. We also are competitive in sparklers, spinners, party poppers, mines and many other products.

Q. What kind of price term do you offer?

A. We offer FOB price terms, CIF price terms, C&F terms, EX warehouse. This is up to you choice. In FOB terms, we need the information of shipper and your confirmation of shipment. We can also help you in booking the container under the FOB terms.  In CIF & C&F terms, we need your information of destination port or place for our shipment and delivery.

Q. What kind of payment terms do you accept?

A. We accept payment by transferable and irrevocable letter of credit at sight bill of lading. If you are a reliable customer, we also consider to accepting document against payment plus down payment, or some other payment terms as negotiated. We also provide financial support for long and regular co-operators.

Q. What about your quality assurance system?

A. From the checking and purchasing the raw materials and chemical composition, to the manufacturing process, we have a strict supervision system. If needed, we may offer the chemical composition information, drawings, and samples for most of our products. Besides, We never give up any chance of learning from outside, especially the foreign experienced dealer and pioneer of fireworks industry.

Q. Are you a membership of AFSL?

A. Yes. If necessary, all of the contracted cargo can be inspected by AFSL China office.

Q. If there is any inconformity in quality, quantity, specification with the contract between us, what will you do?

A. You have the right to raise the claim to us within 15 days after the arrival of the contracted cargo. If this is actual, our sales representative in your area will sign an evidence, reporting to the headquarter. If the contracted cargo is inconformity with your local government regulation, the report from the commodity inspection authority is also needed. After we have got these information, we will refund the claimed money to your account by telegraphic transfer within 7 working days.

Q. How many cartons of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?

A. It is up to the measurement of the carton of the fireworks you order. Some of the cartons are big, like display shells, but some of the carton cartons are small, like firecrackers. For a middle size carton , you can ship about 600 cartons of fireworks. But you have to consider the weight limit of the container. For example, a 40-foot container may be loaded for  1800 carton of firecrackers, but it doesn't mean you can ship it, for it may be overloaded for the 40-foot container in weight.

Q. How much in USD of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?

A. It is up to the FOB price and freight charge of the fireworks you order. Some of the fireworks is much more expensive than other. The FOB value of the middle coasted and priced cargo of fireworks for 600 cartons is about USD11,000.00. Furthermore, the shipment to your local area and the freight charge will also affect the cost of cargo. For the detailed freight charge to your local area and destination port, please contact us.

Address: Jinsanjiao, Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, 336100 China.
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President: Xu Xiangwei



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