China Fireworks Scientific Experimental Factory



 We are a backbone enterprise of Jiangxi province which specializes in producing and exporting fireworks, with six subsidiary factories, more than 1200 workers and over 30 associated fireworks manufacturers. Our annual output of fireworks approaches 100,000 cartons, which are sold to over 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China and are exported to more than 30 countries and areas in the world such as US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and so forth.

 We are mainly engaged in the business of scientific research, trial production, manufacture and export of all kinds of fireworks. A list of our products are as follows: 1) festival high altitude display shells; 2) celebration high altitude fireworks; 3) colorful spraying blaze Firecrackers; 4) all kinds of export-oriented fireworks & firecrackers; 5) feast music fireworks; 6) music spraying blaze candles; 7) festival ceremony fireworks without gunpowder; 8) indoor & stage smokeless fireworks; 9) grand ceremony fireworks; 10) marine distress signals and highways flares signals, etc.

 Currently, we have over 1,200 kinds of fireworks with a wild variety and full specifications for export and domestic sales, all kinds of new type fireworks, firecrackers & smog signals, etc.. We can also make special products at customers" request.To start good business with you,we will always put mutual benefit,just&fair and adhering to the contract to the first place.We heartly welcome friends from around the world come here to visit our company, exploiting domestic and international markets together. For more details of our updated firecrackers and latest festival articles, please contact us via e-mail or fax, and we will send you the manual as soon as possible. You are welcome to visit us and our

Address: Jinsanjiao, Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, 336100 China.
Mobile: 0086-13607054888
Mobile: 0086-13607053888
President: Xu Xiangwei



Tel:+86 795 8900600,8900700   Fax:+86 795 8900800,8900900

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