Red Hand Flare, Highway Flare, Emergency Flares, Hand held Red Signal Flares,

Marine signal Flares, Marine Red Flare Signal, Marine Distress Signals.

Red Hand Flare Handheld Flares
Road Flares Emergency Flares
highway flashing signal Red Signal Flares
Marine Hand held signal Flares Marine Red Flare Signal
handle marine red-flare signal Marine Distress Signals

We produce and sell: hand flare distress signals factory: red distress flare, highway flare signal, highway distress signal, road flares, road use hand flare signal, emergency flares, marine red flare signal, marine pyrotechnical, boat accessories and safety equipment.

       China Fireworks Scientific Experimental Factory is an integral of scientific research, trial production , manufacture and export, which is in China one of the largest corporation to research produce and sell color smoke products. We produce and sell :highway flare signal, highway smoke signal, highway flashing signal, highway distress signal, road use hand flare signal, road use hand smoke signal, field survival flare signals, field survival smoke signals, land distress fireworks signals, land distress smoke signals, land flare signals.Welcome to watch videos for highway flashing signal, please browse pictures of field survival smoke signals.

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